Get UpDress UpNever Give Up .

When you invite Donna to speak at your Christian Women’s event, you and your guests will develop a confidence in who you are and who God created you to be– you are a reflection of God’s perfection!

Armed with her southern charm and humor, Donna will teach you to love the woman in the mirror even on days you’d rather not. Let’s talk about how to face the day, the difference putting on clothes that you feel good about yourself in can make, and how to overcome the struggle or setback with an even stronger comeback! 

Believing we were all divinely designed by our Heavenly Father, Donna will show you how to honor Him by being faithfully fashionable in what you wear, while donning the most current fashions.

“Personal Style for Professional Success”

Do you need help in your office with employee dress codes and appropriate workplace attire? Are you hosting a workshop or seminar for your company or professional organization? Donna can work with you to meet your specific needs!

Donna educates and motivates your employees to project a professional image consistent with the “branding” of your company which promotes confidence, competence, and credibility.

Client Testimonials

Sharon G. Burney –

Wyndham Smoky Mountains

“Donna Roland does a fantastic job of teaching women how to be dressed for success! She gives very detailed recommendation for each woman and their body type, skin tone, hair color and eye color. She also takes into account their personality. Donna gives her recommendations with class and pays special attention to not sound demeaning. I would recommend her for any group of women to help them learn more about how to dress appropriately and feel great about themselves too.”

Kristi R. Reynolds, President, Sevier Chapter

American Business Women’s Association

“Ms. Roland’s interactive presentation was enlightening as she provided insight on body image as well as tips on dressing to enhance our body types and best assets. The reaction from the audience was overwhelmingly positive and guests identified with her message that we are all “carefully created and divinely designed”! As the President of the Sevier Chapter of ABWA, I am looking forward to working with Ms. Roland for future professional development workshops.”

Christ United Methodist Church

Wyndham Smoky Mountains

“Donna, you were all anyone could talk about last Wednesday night at church during dinner. I LOVED IT!!!!! Thank you for an amazing weekend. You would have been tickled at all the changes in fashion the girls had already made and were showing each other at church. And best of all, how the changes made them feel!”

“Your presentation today was wonderful. Truth be told I am painfully shy and avoid mirrors but you helped me see myself in a whole new light. Thank you for that gift. I appreciate you.”

Laura Petherbridge, Author and Speaker

Sisterhood of Stepmoms

“Donna Roland is the perfect speaker for your event. She brings fashion, fun and flare wrapped up in God’s grace. We loved how the ladies walked away with practical tips on how to accentuate the positive, and laughed through the journey. I’d hire Donna again and again.”