Personal Style Analysis

Take a little time to invest in yourself!

Donna Roland is a Christian Image Consultant and Fashion Coach and will work with you one-on one for a custom style analysis. She’ll provide you with the best colors to wear and teach you how to dress and accessorize for your specific body shape and frame size.

Your Personal Style Analysis Includes:

*90 minute Personal Style Analysis

*Color Analysis to determine your very best clothing colors

*Body Shape Analysis to determine what styles to wear

*“Star” Analysis to determine your best types of accessories

*Discover your Fashion Personality and tips for where to shop

*A complete set of personalized Color Swatches for your purse to take shopping

*Other Fashion and Styling advice to help you look your very best!

Personal Shopping

Do you ever wish you had an expert shopping partner?

Donna’s shopping skills will help you through the madness and stress!

As your personal shopper, Donna will help you choose items that enhance your natural beauty and make you look even more amazing than you already are!

Helping you think “outside of the box,” you’ll learn how to try on new styles you’d never dare without the guidance of a professionally trained expert.

Donna has years of experience shopping on a tight budget and can help you find the best “bang for your buck!” Donna can work with any budget to help you find items to meet your needs both physically and financially.

Clothing Analysis & Closet Organization

Do you have a closet full of clothes but “nothing to wear”?

Do you go shopping and spend hours at the store, but come home with nothing because you weren’t sure what to buy?

Donna will conduct a wardrobe analysis in your closet, helping you decide what items need to be discarded and what items to keep.

She will teach you how to “shop” in your closet and to put pieces together for fabulous outfits. She will also suggest future purchases to make additional outfits to help you feel confident and put together!

With years of experience as a Professional Organizer, Donna will assist you in organizing your closet to best suit your needs. It will be easier than ever before to locate items for fast and efficient dressing!

Client Testimonials

“I was so blessed by your talent and expertise at our Style Analysis. I was so excited I went shopping that very night and the next day I wore my new colors and was complimented left and right. Thank you!!!!”

“I love this woman!! If you want to update your look, go talk to Donna. She is SO good at what she does – and a dream to shop with. Thank you, Donna!!”

“My shopping experience with Donna was extraordinary!! Donna breezed down the different racks and knew immediately whether something would work or not. She was AMAZING!! I feel so uplifted, energized and confident in my new clothes and jewelry. Donna, thank you ever so much from the bottom of my heart. You are FABULOUS!!”

“I sure enjoyed working with you yesterday. It was great to accomplish every goal on my list from reducing items, to combining pieces in new ways, to making a detailed list of what needs to be purchased. Thank you so much for helping me straighten out in a few hours what had taken me years to accumulate! We eliminated 68 pieces of clothing and created 23 new outfits and a great focused shopping list. Plus, my closet is much better organized so I can create my own combinations with all your instructions as a solid base. I also appreciate the advice on makeup and shopping locations as well. You are the lady with all the answers when it comes to streamlining the time it takes to get dressed in a pulled together look and your help is greatly appreciated.”

“I am so thankful Donna Roland worked with me to get my closet organized! The most helpful advice she gave me was to “shop my closet”. I now only have things in there that I feel good in and would still buy today.”